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Holography: our future presence?

An interview with Martin Richardson, Professor of modern holography, unveils a broad perspective for holographic telepresence in services, communications and arts as well.

André Martinuzzi, head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability of Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) with whom Quintetto is collaborating on the front of holographic services, recently interviewed Professor Martin Richardson from De Montfort University at Leicester (UK). Professor Richardson is an expert on holography and its various fields of application being these commercial, functional or even artistic.

During the video interview (which can be found here), Professor Richardson points out a few key elements that are paramount for the understanding of the great potential that holography used for performing functions and not only for entertainment, can have in our daily life.

On efficiency of relationship and person-to-person  interaction:

“The standard two-dimensional format of flat screens is tiring for the eyes. Holographic telepresence overcomes this problem, as it offers a more curved reality, which provides incredible collaboration possibilities to its users and creates a much higher attention span.”

On customisation of individual experience:

“There is something about the pureness of a three-dimensional holographic telepresence, which takes on a different meaning for its user.”

On advancements in the technology:

“Apart from the increasing application of holograms in our daily life, there are ways emerging that use holographic optical elements, which overlap the world of holography with the real world. The actual big push in science is using holograms within Augmented Reality.”

The interview covers a very wide spectrum of aspects of holography, some unexpected and, in any case confirming that the impact of the technology on operations whatever the field of application, is exponential from the User Experience side to the actual achievement of greater efficiency and performance with respect to other technlogies.

Quintetto joins the ranks of the most innovative SME’s of Italy.

From the EU Seal of Excellence for Innovation to the forefront of the most innovative Italian SME’s.

Quintetto srl has become part of the Special Register for Innovative SME’s of Italy, a public initiative by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy to favour the growth of technological innovation in all productive sectors and boost the productivity and competitiveness of Italy’s manufacturing industry.

Quintetto, awarded in 2016 and 2017 the European Union Seal of Excellence for Innovation, qualified to the Register by exceeding all criteria established by the Ministry: 1. high expenditure in R&D and innovation; 2. highly qualified personnel; 3. Ownership of registered patents.

The policy on innovative SMEs addresses only small and medium-sized enterprises qualified by a strong innovation component. There are no sectoral constraints nor age limits as the rationale is to foster innovation in any sector, including traditional ones, and regardless of companies’ stage of maturity.

The initiative allows “Innovative SME’s” to access an array of benefits aimed at facilitating their growth and international expansions such as fiscal incentives, equity crowfunding, internationalisation services easier access to grants and financing and so on: a set of pretty effective benefits allowing Quintetto to intensify its development & expansion strategy.

For more info please contact Ivano Canteri, Sr. VP Marketing,

+39 335336284, ivano.canteri@quintetto.it,

or visit our website here.

Main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290


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Quintetto srl joins Polo ICT the IT and Multimedia Cluster of North West Italy.

Opening new perspectives for business and technology collaboration on a global scale.

Pont Saint Martin/Torino October 1st 2019. Quintetto srl is now a full member of Polo ICT, one of the most advanced technology clusters in Italy. Founded by the Regional Governments of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta, with the support of private and public stakeholders, Polo ICT is a networking organization to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and innovative start-ups, large companies and R&D organizations.

About Polo ICT. Strong of more than 220 members and home to about 150 collaborative R&D projects, the Cluster is one of the most active industry organisations in Italy whose aim is to create the best synergies to increase the competitiveness of high tech enterprises by fostering the creation of collaborative R&D projects, promoting innovation in the industry, developing skills and by providing opportunities for business networking. Polo ICT also coordinates the Italian Technology Cluster for Smart Communities (SmartCommunitiesTech) founded by the Italian Ministry of Research, Education and University focused on the development and implementation of innovative technology models as drivers of sustainable economic growth.

For Quintetto, the association to Polo ICT and the connection with SmartCommuntiesTech constitutes a key asset for the development of (and the contribution to-) new R&D local and international initiatives aimed at the design and implementation of innovative solutions in a variety of fields; solutions and systems based on the extensive know-how that the company grew since its foundation such as true real-time streaming, Holographic remote servicing, Digital signage 4.0. One example among others being the HuManS, a EU funded project to allow A.I.-based interaction and meaningful verbal communication  between operators, production robots and complex automated systems.

For more info please, contact Ivano Canteri, Sr. VP Marketing,

+39 335336284, ivano.canteri@quintetto.it,

or visit our website here.

Main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290


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Quintetto receives a patent for its holographic service desk solution – Q-room

Quintetto S.r.l has been awarded a patent for its holographic service desk solution

Q-Room, the holographic telerelationship room


Pont Saint Martin, Italy October 11th, 2018– Quintetto, is proud to announce that it has received a patent (patent N. 102015000056697) from the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy. The patent has been awarded for its commercial holographic telerelationship solution, Q-room. The patent is a recognition of the intense and sophisticated research and development work carried out by Quintetto in the field of interactive relationship services, a success shared with the National Research Council of Italy, who owns 10% of the patent.

Having already been awarded, the Seal of Excellence by the European Union in both 2016 and 2017, this is a giant leap forward in securing the IP-rights of a product that has been called the future of smart banking.

Q-Room is a holographic telerelationship room, which allows people to interact from remote locations, while given the experience of being in the same room. The state-of-the-art room design is based on advanced optical perceptions. It combines hardware (cameras, monitors, computers and speakers) with a specific scenography (lighting, sound, reflections and interior design) to create lifelike hologram representations of people and space. Physical interaction is based on real facial expressions, gestures, and subtle nonverbal cues that are the foundation of a meaningful communication experience.

 back-end hologram rooms

Q-Room was developed on Quintetto’s Immersive Content & Communication Platform that provides State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), multiple in-and output mechanisms to enhance the man-machine modality & holographic mixed reality to create a natural environment for customer services and relationship building.

About Quintetto

Quintetto is located in Pont Saint Martin (Italy) and has been an R&D company since 2005. Having been the receptor of multiple research grants from the Aosta valley and the European union in the past 5 years. Said grants have allowed Quintetto to aspire to excellence in the world of streaming, security, AI and holographic solutions aimed at naturalizing human integration in the digital world. Having underwent a complete restructuring in 2018, Quintetto is now a global software company with main focus in True real-time streaming, Digital signage 4.0 and holographic solutions.


For more info please contact Ivano Canteri, Sr. VP Marketing & Sales, or visit our website here. Main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290



New website

Quintetto launches its new website




In its latest bid to become a major player within Immersive Holographic Telepresence, Quintetto launches its new website to show prospective customers their technology.

Pont Saint Martin, Aosta Valley – October 6th, 2017 – Quintetto announced that as part of the company restructuring, they have launched a new website which will include details about their technology platform Letho and the Q-Portfolio. As a website is a company’s window the world, the site will be continuously upgraded and additional content will become available over the next couple of weeks.

The CEO, Ivano Gregori said “In order for the world to fully understand the technology and its potential, we have built a website, with the aim to demonstrate the full potential of Letho and the Q-Portfolio”.

The website can be viewed at: https://quintetto.it

About Letho
Letho is an Immersive Holographic Interactive Communication Platform (IHICP) which allows for new interaction techniques and is changing the modus operandi of human interaction with both machines and environments. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure Multimodality and perfect man-machine interaction. The server side includes; turn server-, traversal server-, user group-, roles-, Natural language processors- as well as Language reasoner & language management. In addition, the Letho client contains speech-to-text, voice recognition, people, age and gender recognition, gesture and smartphone interaction, audio/video streaming browser based output. The Letho client can also manged external peripherals, such as video cameras, kinetic sensor, Arduino, etc.

About the Q-product portfolio
The Q-product portfolio is comprised of a set of products which all uses Letho in order to operate, perform and execute within the field of mixed reality and Artificial Intelligence server and client side solutions. The products range from immersive multimodal telepresence and immersive mixed-reality environments to intelligent signage and holographic display boxes. For more information about the products, please refer to the website.

About Quintetto
Quintetto was founded in Pont Saint Martin, Aosta valley in Italy in 2005. For the past 12 years it has been an R&D and software engineering company. In 2017 Quintetto started to build, on top of the solid technical foundation, a global sales and service organization by investing in a sales and marketing department with a network of value-add partners to build a global presence. Emphasizing on the use of Artificial Intelligence to transform the way people interact using immersive and holographic “true presence” technology. In 2016, Quintetto was awarded a Level of Excellency, from the European Commission (HES-2020) for its Q-Room product in the “open disruptive innovation scheme”.

Institute of optics in Florence. Q-Room, holographic telepresence

Holograms as Employees and Post Officers

The study of the Institute of Optics in Florence revolutionizes offices, banks and medical visits utilizing Q-Room for holographic telepresence.

The below article from 30.09.2017  about the way Quintetto and the studio dell’Istituto di ottica di Firenze is revolutionizing the future of service industry with the patent pending  immersive holographic telepresence unit, Q-Room.

Read the full article from Il Tirreno Toscana.

Quintetto to create holographic telepresence

This article from 19.09.2015 talks about how Quintetto will build an immersive holographic telepresence room for the service industry. Of course, this product is as of 2016 live. To read more about Q-Room by quintetto click here.

Here you can read the full article from businesspeople.it (in Italian only).