Immersive Holographic Telepresence

Create “true presence” for service points within service-critical businesses

Increase customer loyalty & save both time and money

Q-room is the world’s first immersive holographic telepresence solution; enabling virtual attendance for sales, service, projects and educational purposes. Removing the need for expensive local offices and travel, while preserving the near physical presence of the human interaction and assistance.

The state-of-the-art room is designed with advanced optical perception. It combines hardware (cameras, monitors, computers and speakers) with a specific scenography (lighting, sound, reflections and interior design) to create lifelike hologram representations of people and space.

The symbiosis in the human-machine relationship

The patented solution. Projects full-motion. Real-time images of people.

Q-room consists of a frontend environment where the user can see the remote operator, talk to him/her and upload and exchange documents, and a backend environment where the operator can see and talk to the user.

The two environments are equipped with cameras that allows for eye-to-eye contact, microphone-speaker for dialog, and physical devices that allow the exchange of digital- and paper based information.

The patent pending solution, projects full-motion, real-time images of people, making it appear as if the person is physically present in a remote location.

Q-room keywords

  • Excellent virtual meeting and service point
  • Expertise sharing
  • Customer service
  • Relation building
  • Project management
  • Sales enhancing

Why use the Q-Room:

  • Cost-savings on all levels
  • Increased quality of services, as customers has access to experts locally that works globally
  • Increased sales potential due to constant access to sales talent
  • Optimize the employee utilization and rotation, thus saving further costs
  • Increase coverage, address smaller locations

All of the above results in increased customer satisfaction &
increased- revenues and EBITDA for the Q-room owner



Telepresence is changing the world

Letho® delivers all underlying operations and signaling processes

Q-room is powered by Letho® to allow for interactive holographic telepresence across the globe.
The world's first commercial holographic telepresence solution. Today is the future!

Operated by Letho®

Features included



Customizable design


Letho client

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