Turning the smartphone into a real-time mobile streaming & video service

Real-time communication as it happens

Q-cast turns a smartphone into a real-time mobile streaming & video service, allowing anyone to become an in-field reporter.

The service allows for simultaneous, real-time broadcasting, from both smartphone cameras. In addition, the smartphone receives a live in-app video feed from the control room (studio), two-way audio and multiple chat possibilities.

Users contributes real-time streaming to a control room. The control room can handle unlimited incoming feeds. The feeds can be published live or stored in the repository for future use. The solution is tailored for use by broadcasting & production companies, military, police, security and other private and public entities.  It’s all about communications.



Made for television, production companies & private and civil services

Solving issues such as complexity, cost, ease of use, while maintaining quality, automation and security.

The Q-cast service is powered by Letho. The Letho, turn- and traversal server voids the need for knowing both sides IP address as well as communication ports used by the respective party.

By managing A/V synchronization Q-cast minimizes both latency and the use of bandwidth. Allowing for real-time operation. Minimized latency through excellence.

Optimized bidirectional communication between two remote devices; the smartphone and a Q-browser in the control room.

Ensuring high-performance, high-quality communication between a user and his remote audience with excellent visual and auditory performance.

For more information please contact Jan Christian Berger on
mobile: +47 995 85 462 or mail

the future of live reporting

Powered by letho

Letho is the underlying platform providing all the applications and service needed to provide a seamless interaction between live broadcast and the people.

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Included features

Real-time streaming

AES security

Multiple video feeds

Two-way audio communication

Light control