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Quintetto moving headquarters.

As a result of a change in strategy and to respond to a soon-to-come new corporate setup, Quintetto is moving its headquarters back to where all started: in Via Carlo Viola at Pont Saint Martin. A new location for a fresh new start with a largely renewed company about which we will tell you more very soon. And from now on, find us at Via Carlo Viola 78, 11026, Pont Saint Martin – same telephone number.
For any information, please write to: ivano.canteri@quintetto.it


New run for Quintetto at SMAU Milano on October 18th & 19th.

Finally available the coordinates to reach us at SMAU Milan in a few days time: you will find us at the Valle d’Aosta area, our booth D09 to promote the forefront of the valley’s technology innovation (see the attachment for a precise picture). 

And in order to reach the fair easily, consult this link: https://www.smau.it/milano/english-version/How-to-reach

We will be happy to meet you. Have a great day!

For any information, please write to: ivano.canteri@quintetto.it


Quintetto at SMAU Milano on October 18th & 19th. See you there!

If you happen to be around on October 18 and 19th let’s have a chat together! You will find us at the Valle d’Aosta booth together with other colleagues and companies at the forefront of the valley’s technology innovation. We will be happy to entertain our visitors about the Qroom and Qroom Plus, the telepresence holographic service and co-working stations and Qcast the private communication technology underlying all of our solutions. Further news in a few days! Have a great day. #smau
For any information, please write to: ivano.canteri@quintetto.it


Purparlé is born: from the story telling to the “shop telling”

Purparlé is the new live streaming shopping platform that sets the new standard for conducting and managing “live” marketing and sales.

Based on the Qcast technology, the True Real-Time private system for business communication developed by Quintetto for the media and broadcasting world, Purparlé is an integrated version of the platform dedicated to remote sales and multichannel marketing allowing to move from traditional storytelling to the new experience of “shop telling”: an advanced and innovative solution that responds to some of the main challenges of multichannel marketing.

The platform allows to enjoy the video content of a presentation and/or narration of a product or a service within a tailored script, integrating the icons of the items shown in real time in overlay; this allows to interact with the vendor’s e-commerce site to close the purchase without interrupting the video content whilst being able to interact via chat with the anchor live.

Purparlé makes it possible to produce dedicated formats made in the studio, at home, through an ‘external’ video directly at the producer’s/seller’s premises or by recording video clips for individual products as a presentation or review.

The innovation of the platform lies in the concept of capitalising on the value of several factors: the experience of traditional television production, solving the digital limitations imposed by the big players, building a dedicated product experience in respect of its uniqueness and peculiarity, with no time limit.

Purparlé is not only a product but an ongoing project that will be progressively equipped with new features and functions, some of them already in development, to allow it to maintain a significant competitive edge. Stay tuned!

For any information, please write to: ivano.canteri@quintetto.it


Fincons and Quintetto partnering for technology and business cooperation.

Quintetto announces the latest partnership with Fincons, to provide system integration and business cooperation for Quintetto’s solutions, granting maintenance and services to ensure the uttermost quality.

Together, Fincons and Quintetto will strengthen their international market position, leveraging their presence in many different industries, serving both local and global customers worldwide, while retaining their mutual focus on service excellence.

Quintetto’s solutions and skills represent an important new asset for Fincons’ portfolio, especially for the Transportation and Media Business Units, which will be able to implement Quintetto’s best-of-breed technologies in real-time multi-device, multi-flow streaming with artificial intelligence and holographic solutions.

“We are happy to partner with such an innovative company” states Roman Kurzo, General Manager Global BU Transportation at Fincons, “the future of rail is digital and includes increasing interactive services and mixed reality and real-time streaming”. “The media sector is one of the pioneers for the real-time multi-device, multi-flow streaming,” adds Alberto Niero, General Manager Global BU Media at Fincons, “it is important to discover and invest in new technologies and valuable partners to offer the best solutions for the industry”.

“Quintetto’s strategy is focused on creating strategic alliances with major operators in technology and markets as Fincons, to ensure steady growth and exposure on a global scale”, says Ivano Canteri, Quintetto Marketing and Sales, “thanks to Fincons we have the opportunity to demonstrate our solutions’ value to international markets”.


Qcast live stream of destroyed and captured Russian tanks on parade in Kyiv.

Thanks to the cooperation with some media organisation and some professionals in Kyiv, Qcast went through testing in a few locations in Ukraine starting in late May. The testing took place in order to check Qcast performance in difficult situations with special regards to bandwidth availability and security of the networks. The first phase of testing proved very satisfying and a new round of reporting is expected to take place during the second half of September/early October this time meant to produce actual news coverage for news agencies. A couple of the most interesting testing shot by our Ukrainian collaborators, are showing, and commenting a parade of captured and destroyed Russian armour vehicles exhibited in the street of Kyiv. You can watch them by clicking here: https://youtu.be/GYdNitjEdyA https://youtu.be/b9JEl0bbuzU

Q-School: the first-ever specially designed solution for school continuity in Covid-19 time.

Q-School is born: the first simple and efficient true-real time tool specially designed to fight security and protection concerns and allow the widest coverage of households in time of emergency.

To respond to the absence of “remote schooling” tools created specifically to respond to these demanding times, Quintetto designed and developed in record time Q-School, the first ever true real-time bidirectional didactic communication tool (av. 350 msec. latency time). Q-School is made available free of charge to schools in Italy and abroad to deal with the critical situation of these months and allow a rapid and homogeneous diffusion of a simple and immediate tool.

Based on a PC and normal home smartphones, Q-School answers the main problems of distance learning in times of emergency:

  1. Maintaining the organization and classroom and classroom teaching by reproducing the original real environment and the teacher-class relationship
  2. Low availability of computers in families
  3. Low availability of high-speed and broadband connections (ADSL, Wi-Fi, fiber)
  4. Data subscription costs and usage thresholds
  5. Maintaining the continuity of the didactic and “social” relationship between students and teachers, also individually and extra lessons
  6. Real protection of communications and data (avoid cookies, analytics, registrations, external and third-party servers)

To easily overcome all this (and much more), Q-School needs very little:

  1. A personal computer (desktop or laptop) (private or school) for the teacher / teachers
  2. An Android or iOS smartphone for a single student
  3. Access to the mobile network through standard connection

Q-School leverages on:

  1. Familiarity of children in the use of smartphones and high availability in families
  2. Use of the mobile home network with very low bandwidth consumption
  3. Ease of use and immediacy of activation
  4. Allow teachers maximum continuity with their method, program, procedure, minimizing the effects of distance
  5. Modular/scalable organization of teaching, from existing classes to sections, from single school to educational complex, without the need for expensive IT infrastructures
  6. Ensure absolute security and protection of communications contrary to what happens with the platforms of large operators or with standard commercial social platform.

Q-School operates in two modes, Lecture and Student Reception, which allow to differentiate the communication and dialogue needs between teachers, students and families, in a discreet and simple way, also maintaining a conceptual continuity with normal school activities.

Faced with an offer that varies from the most meager “social” tools to the most complicated digital school platforms, Q-School is an agile and immediate response for schools, teachers and children, simplifying problems and operational bottlenecks typical of standard non-specific solutions; for example with regard to confidentiality and data protection which, especially if referred to Big Techs, leave many doubts and uncertainties as to the actual correctness of the procedures. Considering that often teachers and operators are not so aware of it.

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Quintetto joins the ranks of the most innovative SME’s of Italy.

From the EU Seal of Excellence for Innovation to the forefront of the most innovative Italian SME’s.

Quintetto srl has become part of the Special Register for Innovative SME’s of Italy, a public initiative by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy to favour the growth of technological innovation in all productive sectors and boost the productivity and competitiveness of Italy’s manufacturing industry.

Quintetto, awarded in 2016 and 2017 the European Union Seal of Excellence for Innovation, qualified to the Register by exceeding all criteria established by the Ministry: 1. high expenditure in R&D and innovation; 2. highly qualified personnel; 3. Ownership of registered patents.

The policy on innovative SMEs addresses only small and medium-sized enterprises qualified by a strong innovation component. There are no sectoral constraints nor age limits as the rationale is to foster innovation in any sector, including traditional ones, and regardless of companies’ stage of maturity.

The initiative allows “Innovative SME’s” to access an array of benefits aimed at facilitating their growth and international expansions such as fiscal incentives, equity crowfunding, internationalisation services easier access to grants and financing and so on: a set of pretty effective benefits allowing Quintetto to intensify its development & expansion strategy.

For more info please contact Ivano Canteri, Sr. VP Marketing,

+39 335336284, ivano.canteri@quintetto.it,

or visit our website here.

Main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290


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Quintetto srl joins Polo ICT the IT and Multimedia Cluster of North West Italy.

Opening new perspectives for business and technology collaboration on a global scale.

Pont Saint Martin/Torino October 1st 2019. Quintetto srl is now a full member of Polo ICT, one of the most advanced technology clusters in Italy. Founded by the Regional Governments of Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta, with the support of private and public stakeholders, Polo ICT is a networking organization to facilitate the collaboration between SMEs and innovative start-ups, large companies and R&D organizations.

About Polo ICT. Strong of more than 220 members and home to about 150 collaborative R&D projects, the Cluster is one of the most active industry organisations in Italy whose aim is to create the best synergies to increase the competitiveness of high tech enterprises by fostering the creation of collaborative R&D projects, promoting innovation in the industry, developing skills and by providing opportunities for business networking. Polo ICT also coordinates the Italian Technology Cluster for Smart Communities (SmartCommunitiesTech) founded by the Italian Ministry of Research, Education and University focused on the development and implementation of innovative technology models as drivers of sustainable economic growth.

For Quintetto, the association to Polo ICT and the connection with SmartCommuntiesTech constitutes a key asset for the development of (and the contribution to-) new R&D local and international initiatives aimed at the design and implementation of innovative solutions in a variety of fields; solutions and systems based on the extensive know-how that the company grew since its foundation such as true real-time streaming, Holographic remote servicing, Digital signage 4.0. One example among others being the HuManS, a EU funded project to allow A.I.-based interaction and meaningful verbal communication  between operators, production robots and complex automated systems.

For more info please, contact Ivano Canteri, Sr. VP Marketing,

+39 335336284, ivano.canteri@quintetto.it,

or visit our website here.

Main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290


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Next generation Digital signage

COM.TEL S.p.A. & Quintetto S.r.l. have signed a reseller Partner Agreement

A value-added partnership that merges hardware & software with high quality service


Pont Saint Martin/ Milano, Italy, November 23rd, 2018– Quintetto S.r.l, a leading software house within the next generation digital signage, advanced streaming solutions and holographic telerelationship services, has signed an agreement with COM.TEL S.p.A., leading ICT Solution Provider in Italy, a qualified and reliable supplier of ICT solutions and services for Enterprises, Telecommunications Operators and Public Administration. Under the terms of the agreement, COM.TEL will resell the Quintetto product portfolio. Furthermore, they will provide the hardware, installation, maintenance and services to ensure the uttermost quality.

As a preferred value-added partner of the Quintetto portfolio, COM.TEL will strengthen the Quintetto market position, not only in the Italian market, but also beyond. COM.TEL’s strong network of partners in approximately 100 countries around the world, is ideally suited to serve both local and global customers world-wide while retaining focus on the quality of service.

The Quintetto portfolio are based on Letho, Quintetto’s Immersive Content & Communication Platform that provides State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), multiple in-and output contrivances, that enhances the man-machine modality & holographic mixed reality to create a natural environment for customer services and relationship building.

The main focus lays on the next generation digital signage (Q-signage 4.0), true real-time streaming solutions (Q-cast) and the world’s only patented tele-relationship service desk (Q-room).

About Quintetto

Quintetto is located in Pont Saint Martin (Italy) and has been an R&D company since 2005. Having been the receptor of multiple research grants from the Aosta valley and the European union in the past 5 years. Said grants have allowed Quintetto to aspire to excellence in the world of streaming, security, AI and holographic solutions aimed at naturalizing human integration in the digital world. Having underwent a complete restructuring in 2017, Quintetto is now a global software company with main focus on true real-time streaming, Digital signage 4.0 and holographic solutions.


COM.TEL, a ICT System Integrator company on the Italian market since 2002, is divided into two souls: Carrier Division and Enterprise Division. While the first was born with the aim of providing telecommunications services to most Italian telecommunications providers, the second one was founded with the mission to commercialize, install and guarantee the maintenance, throughout the national territory, of converged voice, data and applications Alcatel-Lucent solutions.

Starting in 2009, other important technological partnerships were finalized in order to widen its portfolio and strengthen the leadership in the TLC national and international market.

For more information please contact:

Jan C Berger, Quintetto Executive Director: +47 995 85 462

Quintetto website

Quintetto main switch board: +39 0165 18 45 290




COM.TEL main switch board: +39 02 20 52 78 1

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