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Q-School: the first-ever specially designed solution for school continuity in Covid-19 time.

Q-School is born: the first simple and efficient true-real time tool specially designed to fight security and protection concerns and allow the widest coverage of households in time of emergency.

To respond to the absence of “remote schooling” tools created specifically to respond to these demanding times, Quintetto designed and developed in record time Q-School, the first ever true real-time bidirectional didactic communication tool (av. 350 msec. latency time). Q-School is made available free of charge to schools in Italy and abroad to deal with the critical situation of these months and allow a rapid and homogeneous diffusion of a simple and immediate tool.

Based on a PC and normal home smartphones, Q-School answers the main problems of distance learning in times of emergency:

  1. Maintaining the organization and classroom and classroom teaching by reproducing the original real environment and the teacher-class relationship
  2. Low availability of computers in families
  3. Low availability of high-speed and broadband connections (ADSL, Wi-Fi, fiber)
  4. Data subscription costs and usage thresholds
  5. Maintaining the continuity of the didactic and “social” relationship between students and teachers, also individually and extra lessons
  6. Real protection of communications and data (avoid cookies, analytics, registrations, external and third-party servers)

To easily overcome all this (and much more), Q-School needs very little:

  1. A personal computer (desktop or laptop) (private or school) for the teacher / teachers
  2. An Android or iOS smartphone for a single student
  3. Access to the mobile network through standard connection

Q-School leverages on:

  1. Familiarity of children in the use of smartphones and high availability in families
  2. Use of the mobile home network with very low bandwidth consumption
  3. Ease of use and immediacy of activation
  4. Allow teachers maximum continuity with their method, program, procedure, minimizing the effects of distance
  5. Modular/scalable organization of teaching, from existing classes to sections, from single school to educational complex, without the need for expensive IT infrastructures
  6. Ensure absolute security and protection of communications contrary to what happens with the platforms of large operators or with standard commercial social platform.

Q-School operates in two modes, Lecture and Student Reception, which allow to differentiate the communication and dialogue needs between teachers, students and families, in a discreet and simple way, also maintaining a conceptual continuity with normal school activities.

Faced with an offer that varies from the most meager “social” tools to the most complicated digital school platforms, Q-School is an agile and immediate response for schools, teachers and children, simplifying problems and operational bottlenecks typical of standard non-specific solutions; for example with regard to confidentiality and data protection which, especially if referred to Big Techs, leave many doubts and uncertainties as to the actual correctness of the procedures. Considering that often teachers and operators are not so aware of it.

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