Sensory stimuli enhances the experience

Immersive environments, rooms & statement walls

Provides satisfaction, attention & stimuli

Create unique themes, immersion rooms and statement walls using Letho as the underlying multimodal experience.

Spaceless utilizes Letho for in- and outputs. the possibilities are endless and helps create spaces with look feel smell sound and applications with great added functionalities.

The themes and expressions can easily be changed during the hours, seasons, easily managed through the easy to use CRM solution that comes with Letho.

Create tailored environments in public places and private spaces.

  • Restaurants / cantinas
  • Hospitals / Health retreats
  • Hotels / motels
  • Meeting rooms
  • retail outlets / tax free

Spaceless allows for the generation of a series of sensory stimuli that enrich the user experience. Thus, setting of the emotions of; feelings, perceptions, psychological and physical reactions, which the user experience before, during and after the exposure.

The Q-control unit, a unique set of hardware which allows for all the parts to work together according to the content delivered. Spaceless also comes with an easy-to-use CMS, which allows for virtually anyone without any form of technical education to set the scenography and design in combination with all interactive parts of desired.

Themes and hospitality

By merging the physicality of food gastronomy with virtual reality, Spaceless, allows restaurant operators to partake in the pleasure of dining, to a new level and to provide customers with a complete experience around a visit to the restaurant.

By means of large wall-displays and/or holographic stages and through a cluster of lights, sounds, and smells, customers are “teleported” to places around the world, or entertainment venues to watch live performances.

Attention and retailers

Spaceless presents a major opportunity for retailers as they compete for shopper’s attention. Particularly as consumers shift more of their buying habits towards online shopping. Virtual reality gives retailers the opportunity to rid themselves of the restrictions, in-store marketing often faces. There are no shelves, stock rooms or even walls or floor spaces to consider – a whole new world can be created inside even the smallest retail environment. Retailers have the chance to create an environment that shoppers will remember. Combine Spaceless with Q-box and the concept of augmented reality shopping is born.


Create statement walls and immersion rooms.

Letho® delivers all underlying operations and signaling processes

Spaceless uses Letho to operate the multimodal features allowing for sensory in- and outputs.

Operated by Letho®

Included features

Interactive options

Any size screen

Customizable features

surround speakers

Sensor technology