All in one Intelligent Service- and Sales Station

The leader of Mixed reality

Q-desk is an all in one intelligent service- and sales station

Q-desk is designed to enhance the efficiency, quality and provide local presence:

  • Improve the quality of communication with customers
  • Streamline processes to enhance service points
  • Provide accurate information when needed
  • Offer the highest level of customer service possible
  • Gather Big Data on all levels of the service process

Q-desk is a multimedia totem-station, connected to Quintetto’s interactive communication platform, LETHO.

Allowing customers to:

  • Click-to-talk to a remote operator
  • Receive information
  • Gain access to specialized consultations on topic
  • View, receive and print documents
  • Fill in, sign and complete an agreement.



Fully integrated service stations

Letho® delivers all underlying operations and signaling processes

The station includes a fully integrated telepresence solution that allows people geographically distanced to communicate face to face and interact effectively.

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Included features

Interactive options

video stream

Customizable build

Built-in speakers

Multiple sensors