Interactive Holographic Display Box

Holographic display box

For use in retail, events & brand introductions

Mixed reality keeps the physical retail world alive. A holographic 3D image, perceived to float in the air inside of the square or pyramid glass; used in combination with physical objects it creates mixed reality environments.

The holographic display box from Quintetto is operated remotely by Letho, Quintetto’s multimodal interactive communications platform.

As with the overall Q-portfolio, it can be combined with any multimodal in- and output mechanism such as gestural, spacial, linguistic, visuals and aural elements.

The intelligent display unit

Q-box can be fitted with additional hardware to perform more functions than just being a display. Such extra features could be one-click purchase via smartphone, loyalty card readers, QR-code reader, kinetic sensors, voice-, gender-, age recognition, smell sensor and more.

Q-box as a promotion- and sales point will:

  • Get attention
  • Capture the customer
  • Sell more products
  • Generate more turnover
  • Generate higher margin
  • Create loyalty
  • Gather big data
  • Build brand

What is your focus area?

Retail – Physical Point-of-sale isn’t dead, just in need of Q-box by Quintetto
Events – Be the focus point of events and exhibitions with holographic 3d views of products and applicable videos
Brand introductions – Inspire, engage and activate your customers when introducing new products and concepts

Create your Q-box network
in minutes

Letho delivers Content management system

The Q-box is connected to the internet and is operated remotely by the CMS portion of Letho®. Seamlessly start and stop times, show same or related stories across a room or department store. Design, upload and display within minutes. Our team has spent the time on thinking out all needs and usage, so that you don’t have to. Change design and videos across a whole Q-box network in minutes from anywhere.

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Included features

Interactive options

Key protected box

Customizable colors

Built-in speakers

Light control