about us

we develop today, what everybody will use tomorrow

Quintetto is a software and infrastructure provider with 12 years of technology development and market lead.

Providing a multimodal interactive communication platform with a set of intelligent peripheral stations; Quintetto delivers an unprecedented degree of intelligent automation into customer service & relationship management processes to increase user engagement, involvement and efficiency.

The goal is to transform the way companies communicate both internally and with their customers. We deliver personalised, relevant multi-channel interactions.

Quintetto seeks to naturalize human integration in the digital world. The core asset, Letho, an Immersive Multimodal Interactive Communications Platform (IMICP) that provides; State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), Multiple in- and output mechanisms to enhance the man-machine modality & holographic mixed reality to create unparalleled experiences.

We deliver Intelligent digital signage (two-way communications), holographic telepresence, AI powered natural language processor, immersive multimodal rooms and mobile broadcast and video streaming.

For further information, please contact:

Ivano Gregori
Mob: +39 39 391 96148

Giovanni Iamonte
Mob: +39 393 9196310

Sr. VP Sales:
Jan C Berger
Mob: +47 99585462

Sr. VP Channel Management:
Anette Krogh
Mob: +47 41664262


Quintetto is comprised of an innovative, creative and talented team
of technical, business and sales-oriented people.

True innovation encompasses technological outcomes that will be increasingly transparent.
We believe that complex technology should be accessible to all and easy to use.

Human in the center; benefact by the machine.