about us

we develop today, what everybody will use tomorrow

A great curiosity, the desire to experiment. An innate vocation for innovation is the engine that
drives us to the study of solutions that aim to improve and make more usable systems, reducing the complexity of interaction.

Originally founded as an R&D company in Aosta valley in 2005. Quintetto has received millions of Euro’s in grants for their
excellence in solving complex technical challenges for their customers.

The transformation

in 2017, we transformed Quintetto from an R&D organzation to a pro-active global sales organization. in 2017 we expect
exponential growth in terms of customer enthusiasm, revenues and number of employees.

What we do

Quintetto seeks to naturalize human integration in the digital world. The core asset, Letho, an Immersive Multimodal Interactive Communications Platform (IMICP) that provides; State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), Multiple in- and output mechanisms to enhance the man-machine modality & holographic mixed reality to create unparalleled experiences.

We deliver Intelligent digital signage (two-way communications), holographic telepresence, AI powered natural language processor, immersive multimodal rooms and mobile broadcast and conveyance units.

By providing a multimodal interactive communication platform with a set of intelligent peripheral stations; Quintetto delivers an unprecedented degree of intelligent automation into customer service & relationship management processes to increase user engagement, involvement and efficiency.


True innovation encompasses technological outcomes that will be increasingly transparent.
We believe that complex technology should be accessible to all and easy to use.

Our team is comprised of innovative, creative, talented and highly technical people. We are a global bunch of thinkers, nerds, R&D buffs, fashionistas and coffee drinkers. We posses an unparalleled passion that enables us to push boundaries and create market-leading solutions.

Human in the center; benefact by the machine.